Café Macaw

The nanolot is a Single Origin exclusively of the Arara variety, from our farm, carefully
selected in the process of selecting natural cherries. This edition features grains
harvested manually at an altitude of 1,050 meters. With a score of 87 points for protocol
of the Specialty Coffee Association, a profile with fragrances that bring notes of yellow
fruits and aromas of chocolate with caramel, slightly citric acidity, body creamy,
intense sweetness and long, surprisingly pleasant finish.

Score: 87 – SCA
Variety: Macaw
Field: Cruzeiro
Altitude: 1,050m
Harvest: Manual
Process: Natural
Drying: Terreiro
Sieve: 16 ↑
Edition: Nanolote
Roast: Medium

Prices: Sob consulta (POA)

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